The top six points of interests in Brazil you should visit

Brazil is a a country located in the South american part of the world. It is known for carnivals and parades that takes place in different times of the year. if you plan to visit here, schedule it for you to witness one. you can enjoy the adventure in it. I will share some of the points of interests here in Brazil so you would know where to go when you will come and visit. I hope you could find out more interesting things about the country i live in.

One of the points of interest is Sao Paulo that is considered as the biggest city in Brazil. In accordance to population, it is one of the most also in the world in terms of cities. You can also visit the city of Brasilia that once became the capital. If you go to Fortaleza, you can enjoy beautiful beaches that is located their for your refreshments. The next in the list is the city of Paraty that contains mesmerizing seas and lush and beautiful mountains. It is famous as a tourists destinations for years.

Recife is one top destinations for visitors. It has forests and rivers that you can do many outdoor activities. You can find more points of interests as you visit here But you should not miss the Rio de Janeiro where many activities takes place, here is some bonuses. This is the top one point of interests that most visitors come to see.