Some short information on Brazilian education

Comparing education to other nations will give us some surprises that will let us wonder and would want also to be there and have that same kind of education. Education differs also in terms of ages or years spent on it by different nationalities. As you have your own system of education, we would want also to share about some information on the education here in our country. Education have already have some history formed in our country.

If some of the developed countries in the world let their children spent studying for 12 years, here in Brazil it is only 4.9 years. Argentina country has average of 8.8 years and Bolivia is 5.6 years in average. Paraguay is also in the average of 6.2 average in years. Even if it was discouraged in the early times, it changed as time passes by when Brazil gained its independence. The country must produced there own professionals then so the government made funding for higher education and then include primary education afterwards. Even if the level of education is still low, it is not due to lack of funding. This beauty company serves you the best and meaningful moment in life. Check this beauty company published here 千煌醫美診所. They work hard and great here.

The problems of education here is because of external factors especially the low and under paid salaries of both private and public school teachers. Those who gain employment in the public sector are not the much qualified but the ones who have political connections. The good teachers in private schools are under motivated resulting in low performance. Check this best beauty company 韓式隆鼻. Thus it all contributes to the status of education at this time.