School: Student’s Vision is Created

Most parents show their concern towards their children by empowering them to build dreams towards the future. they want their children to be raised up as children who only have a hope for their future. We have to admit that there are things we can not give to our children but can be given b schools. Schools are built up to become the most powerful influential society to a person’s life. Thus, there is a need for individuals to go to school in order for them to shape their future. If we are not educated, then we have nothing to boast about.

Education is something that we know we can apply in our life and it is not something that fills our brain only. All the knowledge that are not put into practice are in vain since thy will soon vanish. This is why schools must be a place where individuals are trained to be creative and productive in their actions so that what they are learning will be complete. Schools must allow students to find what they want to do in their life through various real world activities.

Real world activities will help them see visions in the future and thus help them to fulfill their visions step by step. In reality, those who have done something in their life are those who have put their knowledge into practice. Without practice, there is no fulfillment of vision. Vision is broader than a goal. So students must create how they would live as people until they die.