Quick comparison of education before and now

Education is the best gift that can still be given to children by parents. Education is very important as it can present many choices to a person on how can he succeed in his life. As the world now requires education to deal with everyday life, it must be given attention. Around the world, education takes its place in different ways. countries can focus on one aspect or implement systems that is standard to all. Many teachers have resigned due to some reasons.

Then what should be done to education? Education before has much difference with the education that is given today. Before is much more manual whether private or public school. Public school suffers much in poor condition than in private schools. Public education before rely purely on the government but many adjustments were put as years pass by so that it can adapt to some degree of improvement over this dental clinic 牙醫診所. They have achieved enough technology to compete a little with the private schools.

Now private schools also evolve into a form of education that is more free and they do not much focus on extra curricular activities. They have much focus on tests but now it is being questioned if it is still effective. Before, you cannot complain much on the education system but now many have taken action. If you watched one reason of a man who did it, to be taken into consideration.