Education is our Freedom and Life

Why do people say that Education is freedom and life? Take a look at the world, is there something that is not learned? Everything is learned and balanced. See many people around the world really do their best to finish up their studies. After that, they get a job. At that time, they can start to build their deeper future towards their life. The moment people graduate from their studies, they can become the children of a successful future. There are many lives that are also wasted just because they did not finish their studies.

Does it really matter when we have  a degree or diploma? Yes because that is a job requirement. Many will ask, there are a lot of successful business people and inventors who did not finish their studies.This is true. We do not mean that education is obtained only form school. Diploma or a degree is just a proof that you have already finished the tertiary level of education, but does not mean that you are already knowledgeable in everything.

It only means that you have reached a higher level of education. In fact, unless, you practice the profession you took, you will not be able to say that you have gained something. You just filled your brain with lots of knowledge that soon vanish. Education is something that will guide us to apply what we know. It is never the diploma you obtained from studying for several years. Education is freedom and happiness.