Majority of people agree that education is very essential for all. Every nation prioritize education, allotting budget for it and upgrading its system. Every individual make effort to study and pursue until its fulfillment.

Basically, education is important for our lives. It is a stepping stone and foudation for one’s success. Some even explore the world to increase their knowledge. It is for our survival. Without education, how can we survive in such tough world? Through education, people are given insights and knowledge on how to overcome the trials and challenges in life.

Moreover, it gives the opportunity for people to be highly competitive in literacy. In this age, literacy is very important in order to adapt the development of science and technology. Many new things are being developed. They are technical in terms of paticular functions.  Some developments were products of extreme and complicated programs. Others were produced through high innovations.

Without being educated or at least having a knowledge on these things, we will just be left behind. We cannot do anything but just rely on others and cannot work on our own selves.

Education will give you confidence  and self-esteem wherever you go. You will not fear of anything because you know what to do. You are literated to understand what is going on so you can think of alternatives whenever troubles or urgent things will come upon you. Education brings literacy.

Education and literacy is your foundation to make a change! You can even change the world!