The world is changing. The buildings are getting higher, technologies are continually upgrading, cars and streets became more uncountable. How can someone find his way in such a complication and confusion?

Education is globally systematized. At the same time, technology is everywhere that you cannot go anywhere without a technology with you such as phones, cars and others. In fact, these technologies are helpful and they give convenience. Technologies make people more accessible and more flexible. However, we cannot enjoy these benefits if we do not know how to use them.

Before long, technology is not allowed in education, but we see now that technology had advanced in education and we can see them in the library and media rooms. People are now becoming dependent on technologies. Various information are mostly gotten from the internet.

Why technology is important in education? Technology connects people and brings what they do together. It is social and it helps ignites innovations and good ideas. Students do not need to gather together in one place because technology is collaborative. They can exchange ideas at their places (even if it is distant) through the internet and gather smater feedbacks. It replaces the old ways with better ways.

Technologies do not only give accessibility to students but also to teachers. For an instance, they can show students instanst results of their tests. There is no need to take a long process in computing students test results.

Technology and innovation matter and it can help us to transform education.