Teaching is such a wonderful profession! It develops an individual, so a teacher involve in teaching is truly admirable.

Primary education (or also known as elementary education) focuses on children in the age group 4-11 years. Thus, a major goal of primary education is achieving basic literacy and numeracy. This stage of education is when children explore their interests and develop themselves.

The curriculum in primary education is going to be implemented progressively. Emphasizing a well balanced developments of students and discovering their potentials. The curriculum aims to adopt diverse method to cultivate children’s spirit of exploration and to develop good study habits. One highly recommendable strategy for children’s learning is through games. It is because learning does not have to be merely sitting in a classroom. Games arouses children’s interests in learning.

If you think primary education objectively, the role of a primary teacher is very important. It gives you the opportunity to be with children in their best possible start in life. It is you who introduces the child to alphabets and numbers on the basis of which he could go on to do wonderful things in life. One day, you might change one child’s life.

What subjects are generally taught in primary education then? Well, a primary teacher can teach all subjects except second languages. However, since english and math require a foundation, primary classes may require specialized teachers for these classes.

Teachers are to be funny and kind. Children love to talk about their joys and sorrows so a good teacher should be patient. Yes, a lot of patience! Considering that students have different learning capabilities, time needs to be devoted to slow learners. At the same time, teachers should install discipline and catch children’s attention.